Parish Council Meetings (conducted using Zoom) 

The next meeting of Braunton Parish Council is 28 September 2020 at 7 pm

Please use this link if you wish to join the meeting.

Meeting ID: 862 8588 2962

Passcode: 563189

The next meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee is 28 September 2020 at 6 pm

Please use this link if you wish to attend.

Meeting ID: 851 3296 3406

Passcode: 807202

If you would like to join by telephone please contact the Parish Council for details. 



Reopen your business safely 

To assist local businesses with reopening safely as the Government moves through its phased recovery strategy, Better Businesses for All (BBFA) has compiled a good practice guide to offer free and impartial advice and support, along with links to sector-specific guidance on operating safely. 

Please see the following link for the latest guidance and business support.

There is a downloadable COVID secure poster to show you have followed the COVID-19 safety guidance.

Details of local of businesses who have reopened


The Parish Council Office is now open and we are operating a phased opening of our facilities.  The Parish Council car parks remain open and charging has been reintroduced.


The Parish council, working in partnership with Live Well in Braunton and Love Braunton, are building an online support network for Braunton , Knowle and Wrafton during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are working to rapidly build online volunteer capacity and get people needing support that are online to sign up. More information is available on the Braunton Community Network website

Additional support and information for businesses, individuals and families can be found on the North Devon Council website.

To help those who are self-isolating, we have noted some useful numbers of retailers and restaurants in Braunton offering deliveries on our news page.


Do all you can to avoid getting ill! The regular hand washing advice continues. The Government advice is changing constantly and we recommend you follow the link for up to date Government advice.


If you think you might have coronavirus, for example a new continuous cough and /or fever self isolate for 7 days (households 14 days). Do not visit the doctor’s surgery. Ring 111 only if you are very unwell. However, do tell your contacts.


Arrange now to plan your help: Contact family, friends and neighbours about supporting each other: take each other’s phone numbers and e-mails so they are easy to find.



Useful Flood Contact Information with collage of images of water and rain


It is advisable to be prepared and not wait until flooding is forecast.  Sand is available from local builders' merchants.  Sandbags for filling are available from:

West Cross Garage on Chapel Street 24 Hrs 01271 812295. 

Parish Council Offices during opening hours (01271) 812131.
sandbag wall demonstration showing firefighter layering polythene sheeting with sandbags

Braunton Community Emergency Plan

Braunton Parish Council


Braunton is a large village in the South West of England situated 5 miles west of Barnstaple and 2 miles from the Braunton Burrows and Saunton Sands Beach. Braunton is in the centre of North Devon’s world class UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with the Burrows at its core. The Great Field on the edge of the village is one of the last remaining examples of medieval strip farming and is next to the reclaimed Braunton Marshes.

Braunton Parish Council is a small local council consisting of 13 elected councillors who are elected every four years to represent the parish. The council members operate on an entirely voluntary and non-party political basis. The Council elects a Chairman every year, who presides over the Council, which operates in accordance with the powers and duties afforded to local councils. Councillors are bound by legislation in this way they can act on behalf of the community and this is supported by various codes, regulations and standards. The Council employs a Parish Clerk, a Senior Council Officer, an Administrator, a Caretaker, a Maintenance Person and a Gardener.

As a local council, Braunton Parish Council, operates at a level of council closest to the community, the other tiers of the council covering the area being North Devon Council and Devon County Council. Each tier of council has its own powers and responsibilities for the provision of services, the more strategic and wide ranging ones being at the higher and appropriate levels of council.

It is the Parish Council’s role to listen and understand the views of the local community, and councillors use their skills and local knowledge to assist and advise the higher tiers of authority on matters of local impact and importance. The Council sets an annual budget, funding for which is received largely through a demand on council tax payers in the Parish, known as the precept, which is collected on its behalf by the District Council.


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